Book Review: Artemis, by Andy Weir

Overall Impressions

I read this while doped up on cold medicine while getting over an illness and still finished it in two days. Typical Andy Weir, but not as hardcore as his other books. A good time all the same.

The Good

As Linda pointed out, it was nice that the main character was a female. Not nearly as theory-oriented as his other books, but still lots of such content. Short book and even quicker read.

The Bad

The main character does some really bad stuff! You've gotta read vicariously rooting for her, but at the same time she was not a good person!

Final Thoughts

I can't say I liked it as much as other books from this author, but that said, if every book I read was this good, that'd be ok I guess. Easily a 3 / 5 - maybe even a 3.5.