Atmosphæra Incognita, by Neal Stephenson


This is a novella that may have been only accessible digitally - I know I couldn't find a hard copy when I tried, but I had a few bucks in my Amazon account from deferring Prime shipping or something, so I picked up a copy on my Kindle for almost nothing.

Anyways, it's short but somehow takes its time getting going. The store moves along, but I got a good ways into the book and had to stop and ask myself "wait, so this is what it's about?". Once I got over that, I enjoyed it - but I guess my critique is that Stephenson is better at writing long books and maybe struggled with being terse enough to fit this story into the space that he had.

Final Thoughts

I give this a 3/5. It didn't really grip me, and the climax was over almost as soon as it began. Cool idea all the same, and I'm glad I read it.