Book Review: The Cobweb, by Neal Stephenson and J. Frederick George

Overall Impressions

After just reading Interface - also by this same pair of authors - I didn't hesitate to dive into this when I saw it was available from the library.

I'm glad that I did because it was really pretty good as it was an alright read overall.

The Good

This book did a very good job of starting out with several plot lines that seemed totally unrelated, but ultimately bringing them together at the right times and staying coherent throughout.

The Bad

I live in America, and the good guys in this book are white people from the heartland, the bad guys are from the middle east, and there are some bad americans in the federal government that let bad things happen for their own benefit. At the risk of trying to come off as more woke than I really am, it wouldn't be hard to be offended by some of the stereotypes here. There are dirty cops in Iowa, the country of Iraq isn't filled with terrorists, and the federal government is genuinely good for America.

Final Thoughts

3 / 5 - good plot and well written - but the cliched character development was probably sorta offensive to some readers. I still thought it was a decent book.