Book Review: The Dark Forest, by Cixin Liu

Overall Impressions

I knew I was on book 2 of 3 and that while there would be things happening, it would serve to set up the last book rather than to bring much closure itself. It was still a very engaging read with almost an entirely new set of characters from the first book.

The Good

The book jumped through time pretty well. As chunks of the book take place hundreds of years apart, a good job was done keeping it all straight. The future that's presented is believable.


There are some truly epic scenes in this book that really impacted me. In particular the scene where one of the Wallfacer's wives admits that she is herself a Wallbreaker - wow! And geez, when the international fleet of space ships gets wrecked by the droplet just sunk me... here you are feeling all triumphant about the advancements that humanity has made only to realize that they're still primitive compared to the other civilizations. It's crushing!

The Bad

This is both good but also bad: for most of the book you have no idea what The Dark Forest even is but when you do find out, it suddenly becomes immense.

Final Thoughts

This took me some time to get through for reasons I don't understand - was it that long of a book, or just a dense read? Either way I definitely enjoyed it the whole way through and eagerly anticipated reading the third volume. 4 / 5 stars!