Book Review: Dune, by Frank Herbert

Overall Impressions

I guess at the end of it, I liked the book quite a bit - though I have to admit that going into it my expectations were that this was going to blow me away. I actually thought that I had read it a long time ago but now that I'm done with it I'm not sure that I had... but when the new film came out I decided to read it before watching it so I made that happen and it was pretty good!

Sadly the movie was awful.

The Good

There was just the right number of characters, and the right amount of work put into their development. At first it's a little confusing to tell what some of the terms were that he was sorta just throwing at you (mentat, B.G., etc) but it gets filled in before it's problematic.

The Bad

Know how the new movie stops halfway through the book? Maybe break the book up into similar parts.

Final Thoughts

Good (but not fantastic) read. Good enough that I'm going to watch the second film even though I really thought the first one was garbage. Better than 3 stars so I'm gonna say 4 / 5 stars.