Book Review: Ready Player Two, by Ernest Cline

Overall Impessions

When I learned that this book was available I figured I had might as well read it since I enjoyed Ready Player One pretty thoroughly. I figured this one wouldn't be as good but that I'd still like it. I was spot on.

If you liked the first book or even the movie, I won't hesitate to recommend this - but don't expect it to be as good as the original. This is pretty clearly just more of the same and while it has its own plot and twists, it's not a new thing. And that's OK.

The Good

This tickled my brain with the same sort of nostalgia as the first. That's all I needed.

The Bad

More of the nostalgia was lost on me with this one than the first. For instance, while I appreciate Prince, I don't consider myself to be a fan and definitely just got through that part of the book.

Final Thoughts

My 5 star scale is a bit fluid. If a 3 is a solid book but not great, this is probably either that or maybe a 3.5? I hesitate to call it a 4 but maybe? Definitely not higher than that though.