Book Review: Redshirts by John Scalzi

First Thoughts

For the first time in while, I found myself without an obvious thing to read - so I decided to pick something from some free eBooks that I got at one point. This one looked like fun, so I gave it a try. I'm not a trekkie but I knew about the concept of redshirts: disposable individuals that came and went on Star Trek whereas other characters were untouchable, or at least very survivable. This book takes that concept and makes an entire narrative out of it where the main characters are redshirts and it's a key part of the plot.

The Good

It's not very long and things move pretty quickly, though it's not your typical science fiction book. The characters are likable enough and there's nothing extra that isn't part of the main plot.

The Bad

I mentioned this isn't your typical science fiction story and I meant it - even to the point where the science stops and what I can only call magic takes over and ignores science and plausible explanations. I dunno - I like my hard science and also like the fantasy genre, but I felt here that they blended a bit too much. Maybe you'll like that though.

I might have liked this more if I was a trekkie.

When you hit the end of the story, you're not done yet as there are a handful of sections related to the viewpoints and experiences of some of the characters. They're all related to the main plot so it's not like they don't belong, but I could have actually done without them.

Overall Impressions

It was fine. 3/5 rating. I didn't read it and want my time back, but I was honestly glad it was over and don't need to explore this one further.