Book Review: Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson

Overall Impressions

My roommate Myron from college recommended this to me and also gave me a copy of Cryptonomicon. I made sure to buy a copy as soon as I could and of course devoured it. Then it sat on my shelf for ~20 years. As I had reread most of Stephenson's books over the years, I recently checked out e-copies from the local library for my Kindle and an audiobook and hopped back and forth between listening while I exercise and reading.

It holds up pretty well!

The Good

As I already said, it holds up pretty well, though the further we get into "the future" from when it was written, the more the differences between the setting of the story and the reality of the present stand out.

That said, still a great story that's very well written and reads fast.

The Bad

The metaverse that consumes so much of the book is just not a thing today and it's hard to say that it ever will be. Ready Player One has this same problem - but both still work.

Also, the fact that the main character is a pizza delivery driver and the greatest sword fighter in the world is a bit much (but still works if you just ignore that).

Final Thoughts

Worth the reread and one of the first books of its kind. Easy 4 / 5 stars.